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Overcome the Disease of Addiction

Sofia, Karen and John are addicts, not bad people. They’ve learned how to overcome addiction and manage their disease. It wasn’t easy, and their families endured a challenging journey along the way. Watch Treat it Like A Disease above. Also watch What is It? and What Can I Do About It?

The disease of addiction can affect individuals’ lives, health, families, jobs, finances and reputations. For so long, people struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, as well as those trying to help and support them, did not understand that addiction is a disease. Instead, addicts were looked at as weak or cowardly. As study of the human brain has advanced, it has become clear that the disease of addiction is much more than a choice or sign of weak character.

As John, one of the individuals interviewed in the video above explains: “I was feeling a tremendous amount of embarrassment, a tremendous amount of shame. I actually scared myself enough to realize that I could kill myself. That was enough of a bottom for me to be able to realize something had to change.”

Recovery from the disease of addiction is possible. It is not easy, but it IS possible. Every year, tens of thousands of men and women achieve sobriety and are liberated from the disease of addiction through the help of their friends and families, their medical doctors and addiction recovery programs.

Watch the video above and hear real-life testimonials from people who struggled with the disease of addiction.

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