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Photo Gallery: Restaurant Food Safety Tips with Food Network’s Ben Vaughn

In November, 2013 the Be Smart. Be Well. film crew shot our video, Restaurant Food Safety Tips, with Food Network Chef Ben Vaughn at the kitchens of Le Cordon Bleu/Chicago. You might recognize Chef Instructor Wook Kang, who appears in one of our home food safety videos and one of our food safety expert videos.

Gallery #1

Le Cordon Bleu/Chicago Food Safety Instructor Wook Kang and Food Network's Ben Vaughn take a break from filming Restaurant Food Safety Tips.

Gallery #2

Director Larry Phillippe watches Chef Kang and Ben Vaughn hit (and miss) their marks as they talk about food safety and hot food preparation.

Gallery #3

Framing the shot for a discussion at the cold prep station, Ben complains that Kang's big hat keeps getting in the way of the shot.

Gallery #4

The framed shot from Restaurant Food Safety Tips, as Chef Wook Kang and Ben Vaughn talk about safe salad preparation.

Gallery #5

Ben Vaughn makes an important point to Chef Kang about keeping uncooked protein away from vegetables.

Gallery #6

A shot on Chicago’s Rush Street, from the opening of Restaurant Food Safety Tips; Ben is not letting on how cold he is.

Gallery #7

In Restaurant Food Safety Tips, Ben Vaughn and Chef Kang share a laugh at the cold preparation station.

Gallery #8

The Be Smart. Be Well. film crew poses with the fantastic group of students from Le Cordon Bleu/Chicago. (Ben had to catch a flight back home).

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