Managing Pregnancy Risks

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Managing Pregnancy Risks: Giving Kids the Best Odds

A high-risk pregnancy is more likely to result in miscarriage, premature birth or a low-birthweight baby. Though advances in medicine have made it possible to keep very small babies alive, premature babies are still more likely to have lung, heart, eye, cognitive and developmental problems. And while doctors no longer discourage women with diabetes from getting pregnant, women with pre-existing conditions may also put their own health at risk with pregnancy. (Watch Melissa’s story.)

That’s why women with pregnancy risks are often referred to doctors who specialize in high-risk pregnancy. These doctors carefully and closely monitor both mom and baby, ensuring mom’s health is under control and baby is thriving and growing. (Watch Cecily’s story) Keeping a close eye on high-risk moms gives babies the best shot at a full term and a healthy birth weight.

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