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Five things you should know about addiction. #1: It’s a disease. 

Ben Vaughn

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Restaurant Food Safety

Food Network host Ben Vaughn serves up restaurant food safety tips.


Test Yourself

Mental Health

Think you know what mental illness looks like?


Domestic Violence/Dating Abuse

  1. Call the National Domestic Violence Hotline/National Dating Abuse Helpline.
    The National Domestic Violence Hotline and the National Dating Abuse Helpline both offer anonymous and confidential help 24 hours a day. At the Hotline, operators provide referrals to local support organizations, crisis information, safety planning and information about domestic violence. Call 1.800.799.SAFE (7233) for the Hotline, or call 1.866.331.9474 for the Helpline.

  2. Know the warning signs.
    Sometimes it can be hard for victims of abuse to identify their relationship as abusive, particularly when the abuse is emotional or verbal. Recognizing abuse can be especially difficult for teens who are new to dating and relationships. But if you know the signs and learn to trust your instincts, it will be easier to identify abuse and seek help for yourself or a friend. Read What Is Domestic Violence from the National Domestic Violence Hotline and Is This Abuse? from Loveisrespect.

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