TBI - Concussions

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TBI can change everything

It impacts some of your most basic functions…your ability to think, feel, touch, speak, see and remember.

Imagine not being able to tie your shoe, or not being able to feel someone’s touch. Think about not even recognizing simple words, having trouble swallowing correctly or controlling the muscles in your arms and legs. Or just suppose you can’t hold a thought in your head for even a few seconds or remember any of your life before you were injured.

TBI changes who you are at every level and trying to get better is slow and frustrating and difficult. Plus, TBI affects not just you, but your family, your friends and the community you live in. It can make it hard to work, or impossible to work at what you did before. It can change your basic personality, making you seem like a stranger to those who love you and live with you.

But knowledge and awareness could just make the difference between experiencing TBI and avoiding TBI.

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