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Teen Driving Information

Motor vehicle crashes are the leading cause of death for U.S. teens. Distracted driving, driving and texting, and drinking and driving all make the road a dangerous place for teen drivers.

Which teen drivers are most likely to be in an accident? All teens are at risk for an accident because the leading crash risk is inexperience. That’s because new teen drivers are less able to manage driving distractions, such as loud passengers, and less likely to scan the road for potential hazards or understand that certain road conditions (slick, snowy, etc.) require different driving behavior. The more experience teen drivers get, the less likely they are to crash.

Educating teens about driving risks and helping teen drivers get the driving experience they need may help reduce teen driving accidents. Parents play an important role in keeping teens safe on the road. Talking to kids about driving risks and responsibilities, and modeling safe-driving habits can teach teens to avoid driving dangers.

This Teen Driving topic includes information, videos and resources to help parents talk to teen drivers about distracted driving, texting and driving, and drinking and driving. It also provides practical advice to help get teens the experience they need to be safe on the road.

For many teens, learning to drive is a rite of passage. Be Smart. Be Well. helps teens make the transition from passenger to driver as safely as possible. Please take some time to explore this section of our website.